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Marriage in Thailand for Australians

Marriage in Thailand for Australians is explained as follows below. Under Thai law, a marriage should be registered with Thai authorities for it to become legally recognized. If the marriage is valid in Thailand, then it will be recognized in Australia as well. If you do not register a marriage with the authorities in Thailand, you will not be considered as legally married either in Thailand or in Australia. Note that you will also need to have a letter of affirmation to marry for Australians in Thailand.

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Letter of Affirmation for Australia

This is the Letter of Affirmation for Australia. As an Australian wanting to get married in Thailand you first need to ensure that you understand the process before you apply for an Australian Partner Visa for your Thai wife to take her back to Australia. The marriage registration in Thailand starts with obtaining all the needed documents from home as well as the Australian Embassy in Bangkok. Note that you should also understand the marriage requirements in Thailand.

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Thai Prenuptial Agreements

Do you understand Thai Prenuptial Agreements?In Australia there are a number of financial agreements which fall under the Family Law Act (“FLA”) – these are agreements before or together with marriage registration which is normally called a prenuptial agreement. There are also agreements made during marriage being a post-nuptial agreement and after separation or divorce.

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