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Thai Marriage for Ethiopians

Thai Marriage for Ethiopians can be easy in Thailand. In Thailand, a foreigner can marry a Thai or another foreigner. The minimum age requirement for marriage in Thailand is at 17 years old. If the marrying party is below 17, a written parental consent is needed and marriage will not take place unless documents complied. Also, marriage in Thailand cannot be possible if one or both of the parties is currently married in another country. The marrying party should be free to enter marriage, as being single, divorced person or widowed. At the same time. Thai marriage registration requires both of the marrying party be present at the time of registration.

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Marriage in Thailand for Australians

Marriage in Thailand for Australians is explained as follows below. Under Thai law, a marriage should be registered with Thai authorities for it to become legally recognized. If the marriage is valid in Thailand, then it will be recognized in Australia as well. If you do not register a marriage with the authorities in Thailand, you will not be considered as legally married either in Thailand or in Australia. Note that you will also need to have a letter of affirmation to marry for Australians in Thailand.

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Marriage in Thailand for UK Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for UK Nationals is almost the same as the marriage registration for Americans. For British nationals who wish to marry in Thailand, preparation of the Affirmation of Marital Status for British is needed. The UK national should schedule an appointment with the British embassy, pay the online fees, prepare the affidavit and bring his passport as proof of identity, and any proof of termination for the previous marriages. Original documents should be presented – copies will not be accepted under any circumstances.

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Marriage in Thailand for US Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for US nationals in Thailand is easy to understand. Legal marriage in Thailand is made up of two parties registering their marriage at the local district office. You will note that there are different processes for marriage in Thailand. Always speak to a legal expert about your marriage registration in Thailand as an American as well as the affirmation in Thailand for an American citizen.

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Choosing a Lawyer in Bangkok

In Bangkok, lawyers may specialize in various fields such as business law, immigration, family law, real estate and intellectual property. Highly specialized lawyers normally have a wide range of resources in order to handle each situation professionally. Some lawyers also focus on different specializations such as working with foreigners and their special issues concerning their family, property, business and visas.

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UK Partner Visa for Spouse

Taking a relationship and a commitment with your partner to the next level is a serious thing which also requires a lot of work. For British nationals who wish to bring their spouses to the UK, a partner visa for the UK in Thailand needs to be applied for in Thailand. The process takes about 3 months until a visa decision is given. Note however, longer visa decision may also be possible depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

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