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Thai Marriage for Ethiopians

Thai Marriage for Ethiopians can be easy in Thailand. This is the Thai Marriage for Ethiopians process. In Thailand, a foreigner can marry a Thai or another foreigner. The minimum age requirement for marriage in Thailand is at 17 years old. If the marrying party is below 17, a written parental consent is needed and marriage will not take place unless documents complied. Also, marriage in Thailand cannot be possible if one or both of the parties is currently married in another country. The marrying party should be free to enter marriage, as being single, divorced person or widowed. At the same time. Thai marriage registration requires both of the marrying party be present at the time of registration.

Thai Marriage for Ethiopians

Here are some tips on how an Ethiopian passport holder can register for marriage in Thailand:

  • Obtain an Affirmation letter from the consulate or the country’s embassy stating that you are Free to Marry; and passport certification

Ethiopian passport holder NO LONGER has a consulate authorized signatory currently in Bangkok. With this, first step is to obtain a single certificate from Ethiopia which is stamped by the ministry and certified by Thai embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

Foreign marriage

  • Depending on which country of origin, an affidavit stating that you are Free to Marry must be obtained and requirements also depend on nationality. If you have been previously married or the previous spouse have died, the original copy of either must be presented to the embassy;

Foreigner and Thai marriage

–  Thai National Identification Card, Thai House Registration Document, change name and surname change certificate and divorce or death certificate will be required from the Thai national;

·         Have the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry and passport certification translated into Thai language;

·         Have the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry and passport certification legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

Thai Marriage for EthiopiansThai Marriage registration shall be done and completed at the local district office which they call Amphur office in Thailand. Submit all the required documents and the Amphur will evaluate and register the marriage to make it legal and valid.

The Thai Marriage certificates will be issued in Thai language and it has to be translated to English. Then have the translations evaluated and approved for legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There are some countries that require the marriage be reported to the foreigner’s home country, or the country’s embassy or consulate in Thailand. This may vary depending on the nationality.


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