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UK Partner Visa for Spouse

Taking a relationship and a commitment with your partner to the next level is a serious thing which also requires a lot of work. For British nationals who wish to bring their spouses to the UK, a partner visa for the UK in Thailand needs to be applied for in Thailand. The process takes about 3 months until a visa decision is given. Note however, longer visa decision may also be possible depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

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Australian Tourist Visa for a Thai National

A Thai national can only travel to Australia for the holidays if he or she is an Australian Tourist Visa holder. This type of visa is usually given with 3 different extents: 3, 6 or 12 months. It is either issued as single entry or multiple entries, depending on the issuing officer. If the Thai applicant is not a regular traveler within Asia and has not traveled to Australia before, it would be best to apply for the 3-month visa initially. After the 3 months expires and the holder returns to Thailand on time, then you can consider applying for the much longer visa or any other visa type.

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US Tourist Visa from Thailand

Obtaining a US Tourist Visa at the US Embassy in Thailand is quite difficult if you don’t have a US immigration attorney. Because Thailand is not a visa waiver country, a Thai national needs to submit an application for a US Tourist Visa before he or she can enter the United States. The B-2 Tourist Visa type issued by the US Embassy in Thailand allows the Thai citizen to travel to and from the US for up to 10 years, with each entry permitting the holder to a maximum of 6 months stay in the United States.

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Marriage Visa for Thailand

If you are married to a Thai then you can apply for a Thai “O” visa or what is also called a marriage visa. The “O” stands for ‘other’ and it can be used for a number of circumstances. Married to a Thai or having a Thai national as a child. If you have a child in Thailand that you are responsible for then you can also use this visa to stay in Thailand to look after you Thai son or daughter. The visa is however mainly used as a marriage visa.

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Thai Police Certificate for Visa

Once you have registered you marriage in Thailand and are now applying for an Australian spouse visa you will need to ensure that your Thai wife also gets a police clearance certificate which is issued by Bangkok special Branch police in Thailand. It takes a while to receive the certificate so ensure that you apply for the clearance certificate early or speak to an attorney to do this for you.

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