Marriage in Thailand for UK Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for UK Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for UK Nationals is almost the same as the marriage registration for Americans. For British nationals who wish to marry in Thailand, preparation of the Affirmation of Marital Status for British is needed. The UK national should schedule an appointment with the British embassy, pay the online fees, prepare the affidavit and bring his passport as proof of identity, and any proof of termination for the previous marriages. Original documents should be presented – copies will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Marriage in Thailand for UK Nationals

Once the affirmation has been signed, they will also certify copy of your passport page, then, you need to have it translated into Thai language. The Consular Section is not responsible in the preparation and translation of any documents. All Thai registrars shall require authentication of the British Consular Official’s signature and the certification of all Thai translations.

AMarriage in Thailand for UK Nationalsfter having your documents translated, it must be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the documents are then ready to be submitted to the registrar who is authorized to register the marriage and issue the couple a Thai Marriage Certificate.

The British Embassy in Bangkok is not authorized to carry out marriages. Marriage in Thailand should be done in accordance to Thai law – and religious ceremonies on its own will not be sufficient.

The documents to be prepared are at the discretion of the Amphur, and most are satisfied with an Affirmation of Marital Status. A marriage will only be recognized under UK law if it is valid under Thai law. For it to be valid, the marriage should be registered with the Amphur.

The Thai marriage certificate will be issued in Thai language only; however, you may seek assistance from a translation bureau to commission a sworn statement of the document to be used for legal purposes in the United Kingdom. The Consular Section can arrange for your marriage to be recorded in the UK. This is not considered as a legal obligation but only for statistical purposes in case you lose a copy of your marriage certificate.

Always take note that the foreign national does not acquire British nationality automatically by marrying a British national. For those marrying Thai nationals, your spouse will be required a visa to be able to visit or settle in the United Kingdom. Applications for a visa to the United Kingdom should be submitted in order to settle in the UK.