UK Partner Visa

UK Partner Visa

Your UK Partner Visa is explained. Taking a relationship and a commitment with your partner to the next level is a serious thing which also requires a lot of work. For British nationals who wish to bring their spouses to the UK, a partner visa for the UK in Thailand needs to be applied for in Thailand. The process takes about 3 months until a visa decision is given. Note however, longer visa decision may also be possible depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

UK Partner Visa

Highlighted below are two of the important areas needed to apply for a Partner visa for the UK.

Income Requirement

This is the part where most sponsors are very careful with. There are categories that one may qualify for the sponsorship. Being employed in the UK, having a business in the UK, receiving dividends from UK companies or even for those having income on retirement and social security may have to carefully assess their financial status to qualify.

Genuine Relationship

You are going to need proof to show that you have lived together in Thailand for an extended period of time. And that your relationship is ongoing. This proof needs to show that the marriage is real not only in paper and that the relationship is for long-term.

There are also several list of requirements needed from your Thai spouses:

  1. She must pass the English language requirement which is the A1 Level
  2. Also she has to pass the Medical test and Tuberculosis examination
  3. She should have a Police Clearance certificate in Thailand

UK Partner Visa

Partner visa for your Thai spouse is not an easy visa to obtain as the proof you provide will be evaluated by the UK Visa Immigration.

It takes careful evaluation on every requirements and best to have everything on file, it is better to have more documents prepared than missing one.