Fiancée visa to Australia

Fiancée visa to Australia

The Fiancée visa to Australia is explained. Fiancées of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens are qualified to an Australian Fiancée Visa which allows them a 9-month stay in Australia and live with their partners. This visa can later on be adjusted appropriately after they are married.

Fiancée visa to Australia

For eligibility to being a Sponsor, one must be:

  • ·         An Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia
  • ·         18 years of age or older
  • ·         Single or divorced person who is eligible for marriage
  • ·         Have met or known his or her Fiancée in person

For eligibility of the Thai Applicant, one must be:

  • ·         18 years of age or older
  • ·         Have met or known his or her Sponsor in person
  • ·         Single or divorced person who is eligible for marriage and able to provide documentation for such
  • ·         Have no criminal background
  • ·         Have good health

Once the applicant is granted the visa, the Thai Fiancée will have this benefits:

  • ·         Can come to Australia even before marriage
  • ·         Can have multiple entries in Australia within the 9-month duration of stay
  • ·         Can work in Australia using this type of visa
  • ·         Can pursue education in Australia but is not entitled to government funding
  • ·         Can apply for the Spouse visa after marriage
  • ·         Can avail of the country’s medical and hospital care assistance Requirements

Proof of legit and continuous relationship is necessary to show that both the sponsor and applicant are planning to get married. One is advised to keep every proof you have to establish your relationship, evidence of relationship as follows:

  • –          photos taken together
  • –          chat transcripts
  • –          monetary transfer receipts
  • –          flight tickets and others.

As for the sponsor, one should be capable of proving your financial capacity to support your Fiancée when she gets to Australia. Make sure that your Thai Fiancée fills out all the application forms properly together with all supporting documents and application fees. The evaluation process may take up to 12 months to complete the process. This is the Fiancée visa to Australia explained.

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