Marriage in Thailand for US Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for US Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for US nationals in Thailand is easy to understand. Legal marriage in Thailand is made up of two parties registering their marriage at the local district office. You will note that there are different processes for marriage in Thailand. Always speak to a legal expert about your marriage registration in Thailand as an American as well as the affirmation in Thailand for an American citizen.

Marriage in Thailand for US Nationals

Marriage in Thailand for US Nationals

US nationals who wish to get married with Thais or other nationalities in Thailand should follow these steps:

  • Contact the Embassy of the United States to obtain the necessary documents required to marry in Thailand.
  • An appointment is required before visiting the embassy.
  • Make sure to bring the following on the date of your ACS appointment:
  • Appointment Confirmation Page
  • Valid Passport (Original)
  • Appropriate fee
  • Completed affidavit
  • Clear copy of the passport photo page
  • Divorce document (Original if applicable)

Obtain a certified Thai translation of all the documents from a registered translation service. These services may also be available near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA);

Have all the translations and documents legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA);

It is very important to contact the Amphur or District Office of the area where you intend to get married and check for an appointment and requirements needed from you and your fiancée to marry in that particular district;

District offices requires you to obtain a notarized affidavit of marriage or divorce from the US Embassy in Bangkok, or the Thai Consulate in Chiang Mai, all translated and legalized before marriage registration. Make sure that you have documentary proof of divorce or death of previous spouse ready to be presented to the Amphur should they require it.

Also, it is required by the Amphur to have certified copies of your US Passport. You can obtain your certified copies of passport from the embassy at the same time of your appointment.

Submit the documents listed below to any Amphur in Thailand to be able to register your marriage and obtain a Thai marriage certificate:

  • Original affidavit of marriage or divorce with the Thai translation, and legalization from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Original Passport certification with translation and legalization from the Thai Ministry of foreign Affairs

It is necessary to include all supporting documents and proof of termination for any prior marriages.

  • Thai ID Card, Thai Household Registration, Change name/ surname certificates, and divorce document if applicable for the Thai national.

Search this website for more information and or contact GAM Legal Alliance in Bangkok for more assistance.

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