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Marriage in Thailand for Bangladesh

Marriage in Thailand for Bangladesh in Thailand. Marriage among Bangladesh passport holders are recognized by law in Thailand. It is very important to prepare specific documents from Bangladesh before planning your trip to Thailand.

Marriage in Thailand for Bangladesh

  • –          First, is to obtain Unmarried Certificate from Bangladesh
  • –          Second, stamped by Ministry in Bangladesh
  • –          and legalized by the Thai embassy in Bangladesh

The above documents must be presented at the embassy to be issued Affirmation of Freedom to Marry of affidavit by the Embassy.

Bangladesh passport holders are required to present their original passports which should include a copy of the entry visa to Thailand. An expired entry or overstay will not allow you to proceed with the marriage registration process. An Affirmation of Freedom to Marry is required from both parties, if marrying foreign national. Embassy-issued documents should have Thai translations and legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The unmarried certificate from Bangladesh with all attestations, together with passport certification and Affidavit issued by the embassy must be submitted for legalization. If any of the parties has been married before, a Divorce or Death Certificate is required whichever is applicable.

Once documents released and approved for legalization, it should be registered at the local district office.

The Affirmation of Freedom to Marry or Affidavit has various steps and requirements depending on which country you are from. It is strongly advised for Bangladesh passport holders, marrying a foreigner to contact their country’s Embassy and apply in person, this way to know the updated list of documents required prior arrival.

Marriage in Thailand for Bangladesh

For those marrying in Thailand below 20 years old, a written consent from the parents will be required in order to go through marriage registration. And if marrying a Thai citizen, a Thai National ID card with photocopies of their House Registration document, change name or surname change certificate and divorce document if applicable shall be required.

To register a marriage, the couple should go to the local district office in person. A translator is needed as well as witnesses. It is also possible to arrange for a registrar to perform the marriage registration at a different location and can be arranged based on availability.


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