Marriage in Thailand for Australians

Marriage in Thailand for Australians

Marriage in Thailand for Australians is explained as follows below. Under Thai law, a marriage should be registered with Thai authorities for it to become legally recognized. If the marriage is valid in Thailand, then it will be recognized in Australia as well. If you do not register a marriage with the authorities in Thailand, you will not be considered as legally married either in Thailand or in Australia. Note that you will also need to have a letter of affirmation to marry for Australians in Thailand.

Marriage in Thailand for Australians

Marriage in Thailand for Australians

In general, the marriage should be registered at the Amphur office in Thailand, within the district where the marriage has taken place. Aside from the normal requirements, each Australian individual should provide their passport and the following documents:

  • Statutory Declaration

This document is needed for Australians marrying in Thailand, which is a type of statutory declaration. The Thai government requires such declaration to be witnessed at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok – declarations from Australia will not be accepted.

  • Passport certification shall also be required.
  • Divorce or Death Certificates

For those who have been previously married, the original divorce or death certificate will be required to prove that the previous marriage has already been dissolved or terminated. You should bring the original documents to be certified by the Australian Embassy in Bangkok – photocopies will not be certified.

  • Translation of Documents

You should be responsible in arranging for the translation of the statutory declaration and any of the applicable certificate, death or divorce, into Thai language. Many private translation services can be found around Bangkok.

  • Certification of the documents by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

After having all the relevant documents translated into Thai language, everything should be authenticated and certified by the Department of Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After completing all the requirements, you should then proceed to the Amphur to register your marriage. An appointment is usually required. It is also necessary to have a Thai translator and witnesses for the said marriage.