Christian Weddings

Christian Weddings

Christian Weddings in Thailand are not very common between Thai’s and foreigners and tends to be mainly foreigners who wish to get married in Thailand with a scenic backdrop. It is best to find a wedding planner to arrange this for you as they tend to be very difficult to arrange from overseas. The islands of Phuket and Samui are the clear favorites but you have to book these things early as getting married in a tropical paradise is becoming very fashionable.

Christian Weddings in Thailand:

The island of Phuket tends to be well known for hosting large or exotic Christian weddings. There are only a few wedding planners in Phuket who do Christian weddings with a Catholic priest officiating the wedding. You need to search the internet for these as only Twin Palms is known for being able to arrange this type of ceremony.  Since the ceremony takes place under the Sacrament of Matrimony you will need to check what the diocese would have as their requirements for the wedding.

Most times the wedding planner will be able to tell you beforehand as to what would be needed. Normally both you and your wife would have to have your Baptismal Certificate for the wedding to occur. In most cases people prefer to Christian Weddingshave a Nuptial Mass in a temple and then have the wedding however you can make the needed arrangements for this.

There are many options in Phuket such as getting married in a chapel or getting married on the beach front. The choices are up to you. Many of the resort in Phuket have their own wedding planners and can also arrange lodging for the guests. Many also want the more fancy flying lanterns, firework, saxophonist, violinist options after the wedding ceremony. Christian weddings in Phuket with a tropical background makes for stunning wedding pictures.

Protestant Weddings in Thailand:

These weddings have no set format as each church has their own procedures and this again you will have to check with a wedding planner as they would know the procedures for each church in Thailand. Depending if you are Lutheran, Methodist, Episcopalian or Presbyterian each one will differ. This is just a brief overview for a wedding in Thailand.

Some churches would require a release from their Church officials in order that the marriage to occur in Thailand. Plan early and let the wedding planner arrange these as the Episcopal canon requires a notice be given at a minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled wedding in Thailand.

If you plan early then this will not be an issue at all. Note also that the Episcopal priest should obtain consent from the Bishop in order solemnize the marriage. Many wedding planners do not register the weddings and they only provide you with the services of arranging the wedding.

If you wish to register you wedding in Thailand then you need to have the original decree of divorce if you are divorced as well as the original death certificate of your late spouse if you are widowed. Your Embassy in Bangkok will not give you a ‘Letter of Affirmation’ to get married and register your marriage in Thailand without the original documents.