Amphur Bangrak

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The Amphur Bangrak is the most foreigner friendly district office in Thailand. Many foreigners register their marriage in Bangrak. You will need to have your letter of affirmation as well as your passport to register your wedding in Thailand. If you are going to register a prenuptial agreement then you will need to speak to a lawyer in Thailand about this. Mainly because it has to be registered with the marriage at the same time. Always take proper legal advice when getting married as you might want to change the surname of your wife at the same office after marriage.

Amphur in Bangrak

Take proper legal advice so that you understand the complications which could occur. It will take a few minutes to register your marriage in Thailand but you will need to have your letter of affirmation that has been certified before they will accept the Letter of Freedom to Marry as well as all your documents having been translated and certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Amphur Bangrak

Khet Bangrak Registration Office
5 Nares Road , Kwang Siphraya, Bangkok 10500
Tel: 02-236-1395

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