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Australian Partner Visa

This is the Australian Partner Visa for a Thai partner. As an Australian national who got married in Thailand, you can now take your Thai wife back to Australia to live with you. Note that the process does change from time to time however you will need all the needed documentation such as your marriage registration as well as your passport to start the process.

Australian Partner Visa

Note that a traditional Thai wedding that has not been registered will not be seen as a marriage and you would have to look at a partner visa which means you had to have lived together as husband and wife for at least 3 years before the application process started or 2 years if you have children together. See more details below. The Australian partner visa or Australian spouse visa is for those who are married or in a de facto relationship with an:

  • –          Australian citizen;
  • –          Australian permanent resident;
  • –          Eligible New Zealand citizen.

There are limitations to the spouse visa and the visa will allow your Thai wife to do the following:

  • –          She can stay in Australia until a decision is made about your permanent Partner visa
  • –          She is allowed to work in Australia under the visa;
  • –          She is allowed to study in Australia however without access to government funding;
  • –          She is allowed enrol in Medicare

Once a permanent visa has been granted your Thai wife can then also:

  • –          She can then stay in Australia indefinitely;
  • –          Work and study in Australia;
  • –          She can also apply for Australian citizenship (if you are eligible);
  • –          She can also sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residency;
  • –          She can also receive some social security payments.

The requirements for the visa for a Thai national would be the following:

  • –          You have both met each other in person;
  • –          You are lived as husband and wife for 3 years; or
  • –          You have lived as husband and wife for 2 years and have dependent children;
  • –          Both you and your Thai wife freely consent to the relationship;
  • –          Your marriage is valid under Thai and Australian law; (Marriage Certificate)
  • –          Polygamous marriage are not allowed;
  • –          Your wife meet the health requirements (Health Certificate);
  • –          Your Thai wife is of good character. (Criminal Record Check)

These are the requirements of the visa. Search this website for more details about the process. Note that you can also include her dependent children and other dependent relatives to the application. These dependents will also need a criminal record check as well as a health certificate which is issued in Thailand. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more information about this process as it does become complicated. Note that the visa can be refused however they will inform you why this has been refused. Most times documents are short or there has been a misunderstanding. They can also issue the visa with conditions attached to the visa. Again seek legal advice as it will save you time, frustration and money in the long run.

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