Australian Tourist Visa

Australian Tourist Visa for a Thai National

This is the Australian Tourist Visa for a Thai National from Thailand. A Thai national can only travel to Australia for the holidays if he or she is an Australian Tourist Visa holder. This type of visa is usually given with 3 different extents: 3, 6 or 12 months. It is either issued as single entry or multiple entries, depending on the issuing officer. If the Thai applicant is not a regular traveler within Asia and has not traveled to Australia before, it would be best to apply for the 3-month visa initially. After the 3 months expires and the holder returns to Thailand on time, then you can consider applying for the much longer visa or any other visa type.

Australian Tourist Visa

The first application is merely a test to see if the Thai holder would return to Thailand on time. Some applicants, may it be Thai or foreign would go for applying 1 year visa. This we do not advise, as for initial applications, 3 month visa validity is the best one to request for.

Australian Tourist VisaProving the relationship of an Australian sponsor

Obtaining an Australian Tourist Visa with an Australian sponsor involves focus on showing that the relationship between the Thai woman and her sponsor is authentic. The realness of relationship and commitment are one of the main factors and references of visa applications. The more proof that a relationship is real, and that the sponsor has previous visits to Thailand, the more persuasive the application would be.

The Thai national also has to present the needed documents and proof that she will be returning to Thailand right after the given duration. The intention which is solely to visit Australia will be evaluated carefully by the visa officer handling the application process. More usually, the first visa to travel to Australia would be a 3 month visa, which basically means that your Thai partner can come and experience its changes in culture, weather and to meet your family and friends. One error in an application form would end up to a denied visa application. Tourist visa applications would be a success based on the weight and presentation of the documents.

It is necessary to seek advise for the visa process. Most denied visas are caused by the lack of content of the Thai paperwork. It is very important to do it properly on your first application.