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UK Fiancée Visa

This is the UK Fiancée Visa from Thailand. If your livelihood in the United Kingdom is keeping you from moving to Thailand, then settling in the UK with your Thai fiancée is your best option. All you need is a UK fiancée visa from Thailand to be able to bring your Thai fiancée with you to the UK and get married there.

UK Fiancée Visa

Applying for this type of visa is mostly summed up to 2 important requirements: Genuine relationship with your Thai fiancée and your financial standing in the UK. Establishing an on-going relationship with your fiancée requires you to be together for more than 6 months, UK Fiancée Visawhich seems a logical requirement because you are sponsoring someone to the UK and eventually be your wife.

Aside from all that, you also need to show proof that your relationship is real and ongoing by showing forms of email exchanges, photos taken together, money transaction receipts, phone bills. You will also be required to present a corresponding certificate to attest the resolution of your previous marriage if divorced.

Your financial status in the UK is another factor. The rationale behind this is that the UK government is making sure that you will be able to support your wife financially if she was to stay in the UK. It is very important that you are financially stable, and that no issues will arise when your fiancée gets to the UK and eventually be your wife and dependent after marriage.

As the sponsor of her UK fiancée visa for a Thai girl, you will be required to present bank statements; at least 3 pay slips, letter of employment, House title, deeds or any mortgage arrangements. Once everything is ready, the biometrics take place at the UK VFS center in Thailand and visa application documents will be submitted to the UKVI which is currently sent by registered mail.

It will take around two weeks to reach the UK and another three months to process. Once visa granted, your fiancée can then travel to the UK, and should get married within the given timeline. After your marriage in the UK, you can then adjust the status of your UK fiancée’s visa for her to stay in the UK for good.

Once the marriage has been completed, you will be granted an extension without having to leave the UK. This is called the FLR (further leave to remain) and is valid for 2 years and 9 months, allowing your Thai wife to work legally in the UK, get a UK National Insurance number from the Department of Works and Pensions, and open bank accounts under her name.

Mostly we would recommend that the client apply for the UK fiancée visa from Thailand only after they have reached a year of commitment and have made several trips to be with Thai fiancée.

There are a number of things to consider for this type of application and best to speak with a legal representative for this process.

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